Let me show you how to Unleash the Chic Ladypreneur within…your bright future awaits you!

I’m passionate about showing a go-getter lady like you – who’s ready and willing to do whatever it takes-  the system that’ll help you replace your salary and transition from employee to chic ladypreneur and enjoy a fabulous lifestyle on your terms.

Say good bye to your frustration and overwhelm! Envision your business success and the freedom to live life on your own terms becoming a reality

Do you want to create an abundant and joy filled life and business but find yourself juggling multiple responsibilities after you get off work leaving little time to devote to the cause?

Are you reading motivational book after book, taking courses online or following people who have done it before but find the dream of creating a life on your terms is elusive?

Are you doing whatever it takes but the business isn’t taking off the way you imagined it would and now you’re frustrated and stressed that it may not happen for you?



  • I have had a successful 10 years of financial planning and analysis, operations and business management experience under my belt
  • I have headed a critical Business Operations department and handled all aspects of the $450 million dollar budget and executed it successfully
  • I am a certified coach from an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training program
  • I built my business from scratch while working a 9-5. I know what works
  • I am an MBA holder and experienced in many aspects of business
  • I have gained knowledge & experience by working with amazing business and marketing coaches
  • I have worked with mastermind programs and brain retraining programs (wealth and success mindset training)
  • I have immersed myself in training material, books and classes on self/personal development, business development and marketing/branding

All this training and experience has prepared me to do what I love and feel passionate about – helping you own your dreams! Being a chic ladypreneur means you get to work on things that really light you up inside


Are you ready to turn your grand vision of a successful business into reality?

I’m here to help you tap into your hidden creativity, build a sustainable business so you can live life on your terms. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place!


client love


"Kay has helped me to get centered in my own daily routines so that I could become a powerful business owner, besides being a full time working and traveling mom. She is a very open and honest person with a very delicate sense of people’s feelings and emotions, which enables her to guide and advise her clients and mastermind partners with a surgical precision. Kay’s antennas will discover what you need to do to live the life of your dreams."

Ana Kosta - Life & Relationship Success Coach

"Kay's kind and caring personality is combined with her talent of laser focused questioning and on the spot, precise detection of issues, which enables exact realization and solution of every hidden aspect of a particular situation. You can be sure that she doesn’t let you NOT walk your talk: she gently, but persistently keeps you accountable on actions agreed upon to support you in creating the dream life you desire."

Tünde Belényesi, Business Success Coach




A 6-month 1-on-1 Program for the go-getter ladypreneur who’s ready to replace her salary with her successful business and live life on her terms!


A 6-hour 1-on-1 intensive program for the go-getter lady who’s ready to gain the clarity and confidence needed to execute her plans and wants results fast!