Who is this for?

This is for the lady who’s looking for fast results to implement her exit plan, leave the steady paycheck behind and gain traction in her business and life. If you’re a brand new entrepreneur who has no idea of your business concept or are in between a big leap and need some hand holding through the process, then this is definitely the big push that will propel you to take inspired action. With this program, you’ll make the necessary mindset shifts and improve your time management skills so you can hit the ground running in your business and life. Most importantly, this is for you if you’re looking to redefine your success in your life and biz so you’re aligned with who you truly are at the core and authentically attract what you desire in your life.

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

  • What if you could redefine what success means to you and feel secure with a strategy for your life + biz that gets you results you’re after?
  • Gain the clarity they need to make empowered decisions
  • What if you could take complete control of your finances and create a strategic budge that will empower you to leave your job without fear?
  • What if you could feel confident in your next steps to take and select the right tools and implement consistent systems so you have the steady stream of customers/clients and income that you desire?

My name is Kay Zulu and I’m a business coach & mentor.

I help women redefine success and replace their income so they can leave their 9-5 job.  I support women by facilitating them as we uncover their creative process, overcome mindset blocks, and design their business strategy so they can build a business and lifestyle that reflects who they really are. I’m passionate about facilitating you in redefining success and create a business and lifestyle around who you really are so that experiencing the simple pleasures and your heart’s desires is enjoyable and on your terms – your chic way!

Why my clients love working with me?

  • I walk my talk. As a single mother to one, I have taken my dream from an idea to reality and left my job with the exact process I cover in my programs.
  • I am an MBA with 15+ years’ experience in the finance + process improvement arena where I led successful teams.
  • I am a certified life coach from a year-long ICF accredited program.
  • I’ve invested over 60K and counting in myself working on my mindset and personal development and have experienced powerful transformations along the way.
  • I created my own sustainable business from scratch within a year after many years of trial and error and lack of helpful systems and direction I have first-hand knowledge and reverse engineered the process of what it really takes to walk your talk.

What will you achieve during our time together?

  • You will overcome negative self-language chatter and find ways to work through doubtful thoughts and judgments
  • You’ll be in complete control of your finances. You’ll take everything you’ve learned about finances along the way and throw it out the window. People don’t deal with finances because they’re scared. Gone will be the days of having open bills all over the kitchen table or being afraid of opening the mail.
  • If you’re thinking “how will I leave my job?” You’ll learn how to create a strategic budget and plan with ease and leave your job without fear.
  • You will uncover marketing strategies that will work for you and cut out the internet noise and the “shoulds” that come with it.
  • Be able to implement consistent systems so you have steady stream of clients that’s specific to you and how you work.
  • Confidently select the right tools to support you in your business.
  • Tangible results and know the next steps when you go home.
  • FB group where you can ask questions to like-minded women.
  • A solid, secure 9-5 exit plan strategy you can execute when you get back home

Offer Details

  • Pre-Call – There will be one precall
  • You enroll
  • Get welcome packet
  • Full day in Miami Beach at Fountainebleu Hotel. Meals are included!
  • Schedule post call
  • Post Call – identify the next steps

Here’s how it will work:

We’ll identify small changes or shifts to be on the fast track to your dreams.

We’ll identify what’s keeping you from achieving what you want in your business and life while you have the safety of a paycheck

I’ll introduce self-development practices to help improve your confidence

You’ll receive an action plan + milestones without the fluff

Ever find yourself investing so much energy and effort in piecing together info and you’re still not making progress?  You’ll learn to handle the imposter syndrome with ease – I’ll share resources I used to get clients and hit 5K months



(paid in full)

or 2 payments of $2,000

Are you ready to have a business that pays the bills and supports the lifestyle you deserve and desire?