Here’s what you can expect from this training series:

  • Get clear so you can take your first action steps in getting out of your corporate job
  • Uncover the bigger picture of what you ideally desire your life +  biz to look like
  • Develop an awareness of how you’re spending your time and reprioritize with confidence
  • Create a structure and identify the daily activities that will move you forward quickly

Redefine success and build a business around who you really are!


It’s always an exhilarating feeling to imagine yourself leaving that unfulfilling J-O-B, jumping out there and starting a business of your own only to have the excitement be replaced with “I don’t even know where to start putting my business together?”

It’s normal to face resistance deciding between leaving a stable job that helps pay the bills but offers little to no fulfillment versus the dream of doing what you absolutely love through your successful business. I know this feeling all too well because for a long time, I fumbled my way through starting a business even with a plethora of resources available to me.

My goal is to take the corporate woman like you out of learning mode or overwhelmed with research mode and into taking inspired action. It’s time to stop researching the topic of starting your own business to death and start taking the necessary steps toward making your dream happen.

The benefit of following the steps I have outlined is that you’ll learn how to use your job as a stepping stone and a support for your life and budding business! Plus, they are the exact steps I took that will allow you the creative space and minimize the stress especially financially while you work on your exit plan.